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Toseven Display T154

Toseven Display T154

Display screen material: 1.54″ TFTButton: Silicon (Red/Blue Backlight)Power: 15-60VDC/10mAHoussing material: ABS+PCCommunication protocols: UART/RS232/CANWaterproof Level: IP65

Vivid TFT Colorful Screen: Immerse yourself in a visually vibrant and engaging display, ensuring clarity and ease of use throughout your ride with T154 e-bike centre control panel.

Transparent Silicon Rubber Buttons with LED Backlight: Effortlessly navigate through controls with the touch of these buttons, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

User-Friendly GUI Interface: Enjoy a seamless and intuitive interaction, providing convenient access to various functions and settings for a personalized riding experience.

Informed Decision and Compatibility 

Digital Communicating Interface: Facilitates efficient data exchange between the user and the ebike, ensuring a smooth and responsive system operation.

Customization Options: Choose from three font color solutions and three colorful skins to personalize the appearance of the control panel to suit individual tastes.

Smart Light Sensor Technology: Automatically adjusts the screen backlight based on ambient light conditions, optimizing visibility and conserving power intelligently.

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