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Dear Elon Musk,

First of all, I love your vision! You make electric cars, and power them and our homes with solar panels for the ultimate in sustainability. I absolutely share your vision for people to take responsibility for how much they contribute to the overall carbon footprint we leave.

You saw carmaker after carmaker try and fail to make electric cars. Why? They tried to make cheap ones and it showed. Nobody wanted them because they sucked. Your idea? Make electric cars for the the super rich, so that it would be cool and then eventually make affordable cars after people were “hooked." Brilliant!

I just wanted to check in on that affordable vehicle part now that your cars have been on the road for over ten years. The affordable car you promised for under 30k is now for sale, but at 50k+. Weird. Do you have plans on making that affordable car still? Now that I’m thinking about, most people can’t afford or are willing to buy a $30k car. Can you make it $20k? Just lessen the range to 100-150 miles. Perfect.

Its great that the 1% can greatly reduce their carbon footprint. But what about the, I don’t know, roughly 8 billion other people that cant afford an electric vehicle?

Granted, I am probably not as smart as you are. But it seems to me and my logic, that by making smaller, more affordable vehicles would have a much larger impact. I understand that they aren’t as profitable as the expensive cars, but your goal is to save the world, not make a profit right? Right? I would just be super embarrassed if we all found out 10 years from now that you never intended on saving the world. But that you were a huge fraud who used climate change as your marketing tool. Oh boy. That would suck!

Anyways, thanks for reading my letter Mr. Musk!😀



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David Dietzel
David Dietzel
Aug 23, 2023

Musk is just another megalomaniac grifting for all he can. Make a 20K car? Are you kidding me? He's a showboat if I ever saw one.


Great topic. Musk‘s vision has blown through the cobwebs, so to speak, in several areas: space exploration and the car industry. Car companies seem to have become banks first and car makers second; rocket manufacturers have focused more on mining the “infinitely“ deep pockets of US defense budget over creating the best bang for our buck. Here is my question: do electric vehicles really have a smaller carbon footprint? The mining of minerals for the vehicles, manufacture, and often dirty energy sources used to charge the vehicles cause me be skeptical. Who has a good cost benefit analysis for EV’s? I don’t think we can consume our way to a greener world.


Rick Marlow
Rick Marlow
Jun 28, 2022

I am a HUGE Tesla fan, but I agree with you about making a cheap, quality car now for EVERYONE ! The Chinese are making making a $2000 car RIGHT NOW. But political C R A P is getting in the way of us ALL benefitting from THEIR innovation. I am 72 years Young and I remember HEARING ( or Learning in school ) how WE cooperated with the Chinese people ( and their Government at the time ) America=FLYING TIGERS. to defeat the Japanese IMPERALIST warlords ( probably not the desire of their fine people ) to SEIZE as many countries and areas as they wanted. American ingenuity and knowhow could ONCE AGAIN surpass the rest of …

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