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Top 5 things Sondors should include in their new MetaCycle Electric Motorcycle

Below is a wishlist that I hope makes it to Storm Sondors' (Founder/CEO of Sondors) beach-front desk in time before the targeted Q4 2021 delivery of the MetaCycle. All of my suggestions are easy to include and would be awesome to see in the final version of the bike.

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1. Launch a comprehensive app developed by Sondors instead of relying on third-party app developers. The app's main function would be to act as a hub for in-depth data and analytics.

Providing accurate data instead of the popular "fuel gauge" model that other manufacturers seem to use will help me know exactly how slow I have to ride to get home. More specifically, the data provided would include:

  • Watts being consumed in real-time as well as an average watt consumption per trip and charge.

  • A digital readout of the estimated remaining range based on how I've been riding that day. A small order that shouldn't take developers too long to configure.

2. Include a factory-installed security system. This bike weighs less than 200 lbs which makes it extra susceptible to theft, especially in high-risk metro areas.

  • Create a lockdown mode with the ability to lock both wheels and keep the handlebars from turning. Ideally, it would also emit a high dB alarm if a couple o' dudes try to pick it up and put it in their truck.

  • GPS device embedded somewhere in the frame that cannot be easily accessed (think of a beefier version of the Boomerang Bicycle GPS). Even if the bike is in total lockdown mode, people will still want to chop it up and sell for it parts. That battery alone will be worth stealing the bike.

  • Both of these features could be utilized in the app.

3. Regenerative brakes

With a hub motor powering this thing, I really hope they include regen brakes to get back a little power into the battery when braking. Not to mention the added benefit of engine braking causing less wear on your brake pads and rotors. I would love to see a feature inside the app allowing me to adjust the regen level.

4. Hide that motor cable properly in the swingarm.

Unless there is a glaring reason that I'm missing, that massive cable needs to be routed in the swingarm. Not only is it unsightly, but also poses a potential hazard of getting snagged on something when being ridden off-road. Yes, I envision putting knobby tires on that bad boy at some point. Weighing in under 200lbs and sporting 200 ft-lbs of torque, this is a dirt biker's dream.

Below is a pic I snapped from Sondors' announcement on Thursday. The cable is unsightly, but if you check out the pic above from, you can see the cable looks different. I wonder if they plan on the final product looking like the photoshopped pic above instead of this prototype below.

MetaCycle unrouted cable.

5. Provide OEM accessory add-ons for the gas tank cavity.

Maybe a powered cooler that can hold a single can of soda? It's not very big, but I'm sure someone can come up with something useful to do with that cavity.

All in all, I like the direction they are going with this bike. The price point and specs seem to meet the majority of people's needs. With these added features, Sondors will hit it out of the park for me. What features would you like to see? Let me know if you disagree with my list.