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52v 17.5ah Super Shark

52v 17.5ah Super Shark

*I cannot ship batteries to Alaksa or Hawaii


Capacity meets performance. The largest 52v capacity in a lockable/ removable case. 


Packs come with Anderson discharge connector and uses the highest quality BMS boards on the market, supporting up to 120a peak amps.

ISO and UN38.3 certified for quality and safety!


The 3-pin mini xlr charge port is possibly the highest quality charge port available. It is excellent against anti-spark, can handle high rate of charge and is impossible to accidentally plug in backwards.


Whats the difference between the cell options?


Appear: Features a Graphene based composition that promises longer longevity and the ability to handle harsher charging and discharging rates. More info can be found here:

40a: A super basic, yet reliable battery construction.

35a w/ Bluetooth: Same as the above, with a rating of 35a instead of 40a continuous. The trade off? this pack has Bluetooth that when paired with app shows you great detail on the battery health, such as each bank of cells' voltage.

Keep in mind that Bafang Motors pull between 24-30 amps MAX so any pack is a great pairing, power-wise. You will not notice a performance different unless you are pairing with a CYC motor. For CYC Photon and Stealth we recommend a 40a BMS and for the X1 PRO we recommend a 50a continuous BMS found in our 8ah High Performance Pack and our Jumbo Sharks.


Click here for more info on selecting a battery to match you motor:


40a continuos BMS. 120a burst.

Cell Type: Samsung 35E 18650 3500mah

Charge port: 3 pin mini xlr

Dimensions: 367mmL x110mmH x 85mmW

14.5"x 4.33"x3.33"

9.4 lbs


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