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Bafang M435 750w Torque Sensing Mid Drive

Bafang M435 750w Torque Sensing Mid Drive

Standing on the shoulders of the M625 motor, this system adds Torque sensing and the ability to use non-proprietary batteries (aftermarket batteries can be used!)

This is the younger sibling of the m635.

This is a brand new kit so accessories and options are still limited :( but please ask if you need something!

Please note that motor kit does not allow for making any changes to the motor performance like the other aftermarket kits. The speed is locked at 28mph and the wheel size will need to be set here at the warehouse before shipping, so please leave us a note as to what size you would like it to be set at.

This kit is perfect for someone who does not care about tweaking the motor settings and wants Bafang reliability.


Kit includes:

Mechanical brake levers

C381 B/W Display w/ Bluetooth capabilities

46t chainring (recommend upgrading to a BBSHD Lekkie for offset)

Headlight and Tail light (12v 6w)

Crank arms (170mm)

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