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BBS02 mid drive motor 750w

BBS02 mid drive motor 750w


Yes this is the most up to date version of this motor, BBS02B :)

Yes it is fully unlocked :) (with a $15 program cable, or Eggrider display, you can fully customize the motor settings/ parameters to make the motor behave EXACTLY how you want it to!


A proven motor with years of service to its track record. Affordable, efficient and reliable. If you want performance at a reasonable price, look no further. Puts out over 1,400 watts at peak output with a 52v battery. Offers both throttle and Pedal assist operations with up to 9 different levels of motor input. Remember to add:

gear shift sensor-, lights and a bell for the ultimate package!

Kit includes:

B/W display (800s unless upgraded display is selected)

Integrated controller

Universal Thumb throttle (can be mounted on left or right side)

Brake cut-offs (specify if you need hydraulic, mechanical cut offs or none if you dont them)

Mounting hardware

Crank arms

Chainring (36-52t)

Includes longer Bolts for 73mm Bottom Brackets (others charge for this)

Comes with Anderson Powerpole connector upgrade (others use Bullet)


Motor weighs 9.2 lbs


Make sure you have the right tools!



Warranty?-6 months against manufacturer defects. Install errors and Burned out motors are not covered.

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