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Complete Kit package- Monster Range Commuter 750w Motor Jumbo Battery

Complete Kit package- Monster Range Commuter 750w Motor Jumbo Battery

*I cannot ship batteries to Alaksa or Hawaii


This kit is for those who have gone mad with power!

If you are building the ultimate long range commuter, this is your kit.

Ideally, you would mount this kit onto a road bike or Hardtail mountain bike, sized Medium (possibly Large) or Larger for maximum compatibily.

kit includes:

-Bafang BBS02 mid drive motor kit for bikes with bottom bracket shells of 68-73mm in length. Includes a color 500c display and your choice of Hydraulic or mechanical brake cutoffs.

-44t chainring.

-48v 24.5ah/52v 25ah Jumbo Shark Battery pack with Samsung 50g cells with a realistic range of 40-85 miles depending on how you ride.

-52v 25ah Jumbo Pack with Samsung 50G-5000mah 21700 cells

-Battery Charger 4a

-Gear shift Sensor

-600c color display

-Gear shift cable

-(3) Bottom Bracket spacers


-Bafang Install Tool


The largest Size Shark style battery available. Feautures a lockable/ Removable Shell that attaches to your bike frame. Be sure to measure first that you have enough room!

This pack has the highest quality BMS boards on the market and features the 3-pin mini xlr charge port, so no more sparking! Uses the 21700 Cells for massive Discharge rates without breaking a sweat.

Weight- 13.4 lbs

Dimensions- 6” high x 14.5” long x 3.75” wide

Giant 24.5ah capacity

Model: 48V 24.5Ah / 52v/25ah

battery packCasing: Polly-DP-2170-6(without controllerspace)

Cell: Samsung50G-5000mahConfiguration: 13S5PCharge port: 3 pin high currentBMS: 50A continuous discharging currentDischarge:30cm long length with Anderson

Need Tools?

If you have a decent set of tools but no Bike specific tools, get this:

If you need to start from scratch, get this:

  • Warranty

    6 months from time of purchase against manufacturing defects. Does not include install or user error.

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