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Installation Tool Rental- $30 plus deposit

Don't want to buy all the tools that you may never use again?

Simply purchase the Rental tool kit which includes all the tools needed to do a basic mid drive motor install on most all bikes. Once done, simply return the tools in the included box and receive the amount paid back once all tools are received back.(minus $30 rental) refund will be transferred via Paypal.

Please try to keep rental periods to 4 weeks to ensure availability for others)

-1/2" & 3/8" sockets available (breaker bar not included)

-2 in 1 hand tool also available (if you dont have any tools at home at all, get this)


Lost or want to keep a tool?

Prices for each tool found below and will be deducted from deposit: Brand name in Parentheticals

Pedal Wrench-$11.50

1/2" Socket- $55 (each)

8mm Crank Bolt remover-$9.99

Chain Tool-$17.95

Master Link Pliers-$15.95

Allen Key set- $8.49

Bottom Bracket remover-$9.50

Crank Puller- $16.95

t20 torx bit- $3

Cable housing cutter ($35.99)

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