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SKU: 79357807

Press Fit adapter – 46mm inner diameter.

If your frame has a PF30 bottom bracket, a standard Bafang BBS motor will not fit. The Lekkie PF30 Bafang Eccentric Adapter makes it possible, and looks bling in doing so.


Finally you can electrify those rad bikes with press-fit bottom brackets! No longer are the bike’s bottom bracket size dictating if it can or can’t be converted.

We designed the eccentric PF30 Adapter set to allow a 68mm Bafang motor to fit a PF30 bottom bracket (inner diameter 46mm) frame without having to modify or disassemble your motor.

This will only work with frame with 46mm inner diameter BB. Note this adapter is designed to work with alloy frames with maximum outer diameter of 54mm BB frame tube, carbon frames often have a thick layer of carbon and the motor can’t fit. From our experience we have found frames with ISG chain guide mounts may require some modification and these mounts can interfere with motor clearance.

Feel free to contact us before purchasing this if you are unsure.

Designed in New Zealand in true Lekkie style to be the premium choice!

Make sure you check the User/install Guide before install.

    Color: Red
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