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QS Motor 138 72v Mid Drive Motor kit for Motorcycle

QS Motor 138 72v Mid Drive Motor kit for Motorcycle

Please do your research before purchasing. This is a very complex motor system and should only be purchased by those who know exactly what they are doing and/ or are willing to figure it out :) 

This kit is rated at 3kw but can handle much more at peak. Be prepared to do a lot of custom wiring and splicing etc. Not for the novice!!!! Lets save us both a lot of time and energy :)

  • Item: QS Motor 3000W 138 70H Mid Drive Motor
  • Motor Type: BLDC Permanent Magnet Inner Rotor Motor With Hall Sensor
  • Brand: QS Motor, QSMOTOR
  • Motor Design: Single axle 
  • Matched Wheel: 12inch Wheel (as default)
  • Magnet Height: 70mm, 40pcs, 5 pole pairs
  • Diameter of stator: 138mm
  • Rated Power: 3000W
  • Rated Voltage: 72V as default
  • Speed: 100KPH 
  • No-load rpm: 3800rpm without flux weakening, 6000RPM with flux weakening.
  • Max Torque: approx 56N.m without Reduction ratio, approx 247N.m with 1:4.77 Reduction ratio  
  • Reduction ratio: 1:4.77 (as default)
  • Max Efficiency: 88%
  • Continuous Battery Current: pending (72V)
  • Peak Battery Current: 120A (72V)
  • Suggest Peak Phase Current: 450A
  • Thermic Probe: None as default (KTY83/122 is available, if you need, please let sales man know).
  • Working Temperature: Pending
  • Single Hall Plate with waterproof connectors
  • 16mm² Cross Section of Phase Wire (not include insulation layer)
  • Hall Sensor Phasing angle: 120 degree
  • Waterproof Grade: IP54
  • Color: Black 
  • N.W./G.W.: 10.8kgs/11.5kgs   
  • Package Dimension: 34cm*34cm*33cm
  • Axle design to match with 428 sprocket, we will provide 428 14T sprocket as default.
  • includes 
  • 1pcs X Votol EM150SP sine wave motor controller with standard CAN-BUS
  • motor
  • throttle
  • Wiring harness
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