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Toseven DisplayT24 2.4" screen

Toseven DisplayT24 2.4" screen

Vibrant TFT Colorful Screen: Enjoy a crystal-clear display showcasing various data and settings, enhancing visibility and interaction during rides with T24 center control panel.

Transparent Silicon Rubber Buttons: Equipped with LED backlights, ensuring effortless navigation and operation for users.

User-Friendly GUI Interface: Seamlessly navigate and adjust ebike parameters with ease through the intuitive graphical user interface, enhancing user experience.

Informed Decision and Compatibility 

Digital Communication Support: Enables seamless integration with other devices and systems, ensuring efficient data exchange and operation.

Customization Options: Personalize your control panel with three font color solutions and three colorful skins, empowering users to match their panel’s appearance to their unique style.

Smart Light Sensor Technology: Automatically adjusts screen backlight based on ambient light intensity, optimizing visibility in diverse lighting conditions. Additionally, it intelligently powers the light on or off, offering both convenience and energy efficiency.

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