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Convert your bike into a custom electric bike

How do you convert a bike into an E-bike?

I only use mid-drive motor systems as they are far superior in most ways (Note that they are an advanced system, best for people who are very comfortable riding bicycles). It is also a less invasive conversion as you don't lose your entire rear or front wheel in the process. The only noticeable difference to your bike will be the loss of your front chainring. Going from a 2 or 3 front chainring (whichever you have) and turn it into a single front chainring. Some people like not having to deal with those gears anyway! Plus with the addition of a motor, they really aren't needed.

John has been a professional mechanic, building and repairing electric bicycles since 2017. He can take your bike and customize it with a battery, motor, and display to help you accomplish your biking goals. 

E-bikes are for everyone! Convert your bike to be a car replacement or to help you get some more exercise. Whatever your goals are, JohnnyNerdOut will deliver the perfect customized e-bike to fit your needs.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

I can answer all of your e-bike related questions during a 10 or 20-minute consultation. I'll help you personalize your conversion to fit your specific needs and bike, help you decide what to order through my shop, or help you troubleshoot your build. For a personalized experience, please book a custom consultation here:

Don't want to do a consultation? Another great option is to post your question to the Forum so that many people have the opportunity to answer your question.

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