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Do you know about my services?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I love my customers and YouTube subscribers! There is nothing better than a community of people that just GET it! Ebikes are the future.... not children...

Two of the services I offer will get you in touch with me directly! I don't always have time to answer YouTube comments and sometimes get inundated with messages on my website. That is why I offer custom ebike consultations and ebike troubleshooting sessions. Read below for details about both!

10 or 20-minute custom ebike consultations

If you have any questions about ebikes, hit me up!

  • What is a good donor bike for your particular riding needs?

  • What ebike battery/ ebike motor size/style should you be looking at?

  • What bicycle accessories should you be looking into?

  • What even is an ebike?

  • Plus any other random questions/concerns you may have.

This phone call is for you whether you decide to have me convert your bike or you decide to visit my online shop and buy all of the components to do your own conversion. I am happy to talk with you and help you along your ebike journey.

Lately, I've been so busy talking to all you awesome people on the phone, that I haven't been able to spend as much time actually doing conversions. That is why I started offering these scheduled consultations.

Ebike Troubleshooting Sessions

These sessions are meant to help you with any issues you may be having with your ebike. (I'll always guarantee my work and won't charge you if you are having issues with a conversion I've done.)

Book a session if you are:

  • Stuck while doing your own ebike conversion

  • Having an issue with your ebike and can't figure out what is wrong

  • Need help with an ebike repair

  • Aren't getting support from the original mfg of your premade ebike

  • etc.

Some issues may require me to repair them myself, which I can do, but hopefully, we can get you back on the road during our 15-minute troubleshooting session.

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